CSV Table Export was published and is now ready for download

CSV Table Export was published and is now ready for download via Atlassian Marketplace 


CSV Table Export entered the Atlassian approval process

The first release of the CSV Table Export Add-on entered the Atlassian approval process. Depending on how much has to be changed, the Add-on will be available in one to two weeks.

Release summary:

  • Export simple tables to CSV (No sorting, filtering or pagination)
  • Choose the separation and surrounding characters with macro-parameters.
  • Download the CSV-file by clicking on the link under the table.

Feel free to give feedback on this Website or on the Marketplace.

Confluence Macro for Exporting Tables into CSV-Files – COMING SOON!

Why is there no Macro for exporting Tabes into CSV-Files in Confluence?

I asked myself this question for quite a while. But I am currently working on a macro which does exactly that: Exporting a Table into a CSV-File.

Current development status:

  • Surround a table with the macro.
  • Export it by clicking on a generated link under the macro.
  • Choose the character to separate the elements.
  • Choose the character to surround the elements with.

Some screenshots:

You have to give an ID to the macro which identifies the macro on a page. This ID has to be unique for the Page.

And you can specify a separator character and a surrounding character.




The first version of the macro will be published within the next few weeks, so feel free to leave feedback in the comments!